Express Your Inner Designer: Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Love the idea of designing your own engagement ring but think you’d never be able to do it? Think again!

From the simple to the complex, you too can become a master jeweler with the touch of a button – a mouse button, that is.

Google “design your own engagement ring” and you’ll be faced with roughly 931,000 hits. Granted, this may not help you feel more secure about narrowing your options – but really, all you need is to try a few sites and see what each has to offer.

And it’s a great way to waste time if you need to delay doing something more practical like changing the litter box.

Now, you may be reluctant to make your own ring online and make a purchase, despite the cleverly designed sites that tell you this is exactly what you should do. But the fun of this exercise is that you have the option to play around and see what you like.

Then you can work with a “live” jeweler or conduct a more thorough online search for the best provider. You can also take this new skill and work with a specialty jeweler and make your ring from “scratch.” (But bear in mind that in the real world, the jeweler does in fact know a lot more about jewelry design than you do, so listen to her suggestions.)

Many sites let you get “interactive” and choose options such as metal types, shapes of diamonds, cuts, brilliance…basically every way you can spend more money is included. Mondera, for example, has a fabulous site where you can make an engagement ring ranging from the hundreds to the tens of thousands in price. You get to play around with all sorts of views, rocks, and settings. Every style and taste imaginable is available for your viewing pleasure, and for your added excitement, it even offers multiple … views.

Of course, eventually you’ll need to peel your behind off the chair and go to the phone. (We’re not asking too much yet.) Call around town to see which jewelers offer “design your own” options, and get in contact with private jewelers to get a rundown on pricing.

Designing your own ring can be really fun, but can also add up fast. After all, it’s a lot more enticing to choose only the best. One benefit to a ready-made ring is that it reduces the choices you have to make, and if you’re already feeling overwhelmed by dresses and party napkins, you may want to skip this option.

However, designing your own engagement ring means that you’ll have even more to cherish for years – that personal touch that comes from sitting in front of your computer for hours trying to decide what you like – no, seriously, designing your own ring lets you express your personal style in a symbolic, sentimental sort-of way.

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